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Google Analytics Content Experiments versus Optimizely

When Google brought their Google Website Optimizer product into the fold of Google Analytics, it showed some great early promise. Benefits like applying segments, a clever statistical engine and, one of my favourite features, hiding results for two weeks (to … Continue reading

Bounce rate is beautiful

If you don’t know Jared Spool, he’s the highly respected and influential principal at A good proportion of our library is represented by publications from his various UI conferences so we hold him in pretty high regard here at … Continue reading

Wax on web Analytics: Why there’s no insight without foresight

Upfront preparation You know the feeling: countless hours spent sorting through your analytics data, only to find that it doesn’t exactly reflect what’s happening on your site. It’s not quite the constant flow of customer insight that you had expected.

“Er … have you ever broken the law?”

Ever feel you want to ask an awkward question in an online survey – but think everyone will simply lie in their response? This article from Scientific American shows how – with a little simple maths – we can get the insights we want. For example… “Have you ever cheated on your husband / wife?” … YES or NO. Continue reading