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Why is not responding to mobile users?

Forgive me for resurrecting a hoary old chestnut, but this chestnut is getting increasingly… hoary. Up to 20 per cent of global internet use is conducted through mobile devices. And Apple’s website still doesn’t look good on smartphones. Even its … Continue reading

The New Cokes of UX Design

New Coke: A byword for ruined reputations and customer backlash! It’s 1985 – WrestleMania debuts at Madison Square Garden, Back to the Future is in the cinema, and Ronald Reagan begins his second term. It’s also the year that Coca-Cola … Continue reading

Putting a number on usability.

The ultimate goal of usability testing is to identify the problems users are having with our designs in order to fix them. This can be quick and dirty or the more formal lab-based testing. Regardless of the testing type, one … Continue reading

Bounce rate is beautiful

If you don’t know Jared Spool, he’s the highly respected and influential principal at A good proportion of our library is represented by publications from his various UI conferences so we hold him in pretty high regard here at … Continue reading