Interaction 14 redux

Linh Ha and April Meyer present talks from Paolo Malabuyo and Fred Beecher on the state of the UX industry. Linh Ha presents Paolo Malabuyo’s talk, ‘Bad Design Advice’. Linh discusses the challenges Malabuyo raised to some of the UX industry’s long held design principles. April Meyer presents “Making More UX Designers: UX Apprenticeship in the Real World”, a talk Fred Beecher gave during Interaction 2014. April describes Beecher’s approach to UX apprenticeships, and the alarming lack of industry ready UX designers.

Interaction 14 Redux: The state of UX apprenticeships & why we don’t always need to be disruptive

Everyday objects are starting to come alive. From a clock that gives an Instragram-powered clock to homemade car computers, Dublin’s embracing the Internet of Things.

Last week we hosted the first meeting of the Internet of Things Dublin. Drawing an eclectic bunch of hackers, designers and the just plain curious, the evening kicked off with talks from four people doing interesting things with… things.

Making Things Happen: The Internet of Things Dublin