Four new hires adding a new dimension to iQ

By Conor Normile
New additions to the iQ team

Caoimh, Ela, Helen and Brian

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”

— Peter Drucker

Apologies for quoting a business management guru, but in this case it seems appropriate.

As any client of ours will tell you, iQ Content is first and foremost about the people who work here. As consultants, we earn our crust by staying on top of what’s happening in digital and anticipating what’s coming down the line.

The digital customer experience is changing rapidly: increasingly fragmented, bridging online and offline channels, spanning multiple devices.

So we’re changing too.

This month, we’ve added four new hires to expand our capabilities with the future in mind. Each brings a new and exciting dimension to the work we do.

Content, messaging and brand

Brian Herron joins us a Content Strategy Lead. Formerly the Community Manager at Google Ireland, Brian has been joining the dots between content, social and search for most of his career.

It’s about finding legitimate ways to talk to people; that genuine point of connection where the message is relevant and useful.

We’ve always championed content as the heart of a meaningful online experience. Brian brings social nous to help brands extend their reach and cut through the marketing chatter.


We’ve ramped up our analytics team to take advantage of the increasing amounts of data now available from clients and our own research activities. Ela Dzienisiewicz joins from In the Company of Huskies, where she held lead roles across Analytics, Search, and Paid Media.

We need to create that bridge between data sources so that clients get one holistic picture of the user journey, across online and offline channels.

Ela has already shown a knack for digging out the fresh insights that add real strategic value for clients. Her goal is to help clients track effectiveness of their efforts throughout the whole customer journey.

UX for the real world

In the UX team, we’ve added an industrial designer in Helen Nic Giolla Rua. Why industrial design? Well, we’re taking on more projects that are rooted in the physical realm – from banking kiosks and in-store displays, to software interfaces for hardware devices. Helen’s understanding of ergonomics and product usability adds an extra level of insight as we increase our involvement with physical touchpoints.

Agile testing

A few years ago, testing was restricted to the four main desktop browsers. With the rise in mobile and tablet devices, our testing needs have changed completely. Sites are now tested on up to 25 devices, representing 95% of the mobile user base. Caoimh O’Broin has joined iQ to head up what is now one of the country’s largest digital testing teams. Formerly of Microsoft, Bank of Scotland and SoftCo, Caoimh is rolling out Agile methodologies to ensure that we continue to meet tight deadlines as testing demands grow.

Change is good. We’re delighted with our new hires and excited about what they’ll offer iQ and our clients.