iQ out and about

By Irene Dehaene

We’re lucky to have been invited to speak at some exciting conferences over the coming months. If you’ll be there, say hello – we always love to chat.

UX Alliance Masterclass – Friday, 19 April, Madrid

This Friday Laurence Veale will be tackling the topic of the changing eCommerce user experience.

eCommerce is changing – it is moving from online to mobile to offline and this presents challenges for high street brands. But it also brings massive opportunities for them and for “traditional” UX agencies. Laurence will show some of the new user experience trends in eCommerce, what brands are doing well and how UX companies can leverage their existing skills to address these new opportunities. Find out more about the Masterclass here.

If you won’t be at the event, we’ll be sharing Laurence’s presentation online after Friday, so you’ll have a chance to catch it later. 

Dare Conference – 23-25 September, London 

Dare is an interesting new conference coming to London this year, it’s a conference for change-makers. And on this theme, Randall Snare will look at how to bring about change in large organisations by taking small, relentless steps. Find out more here

EuroIA – 26-28 September, Edinburgh

EuroIA 2013Kathryn Parkes will share her experience of running SketchClubs at this year’s EuroIA conference. Sketching is a key aid to finding solutions for information architecture problems but one that we rarely get time to just stop, practice and enjoy. Kathryn outlines some exercises and techniques that work really well in SketchClub sessions as well as the benefits of sketching for communication, idea-generation and collaboration.