Our Next Webinar, 18 Oct | More clicks, fewer exits

By Irene Dehaene

More clicks, fewer exits: Data-driven homepage redesigns that work 

In this webinar Damien Smyth, Lead Analytics Analyst, examines what lies behind effective homepage redesigns based on some of our recent work. He explains how a data-driven approach delivers results. Register here. 

Homepage redesignTaking a data-driven approach to your customers’ online behaviour helps identify specific problems right from the start of the redesign process. In addition, measuring performance against key objectives ensures that the redesign goals aim to explicitly solve any issues.

High exit rates or poor click-through rates to a conversion funnel are common problems that prompt a redesign. However, an analytics-led approach can also highlight previously unexplored opportunities. For example, a specific piece of content may be getting a lot of interest giving you the opportunity to promote it more fully on your site.

Damien will take you through homepage redesign case studies from financial services, utilities and international sites that will help bring the benefits of this approach to life.

This webinar is free, and will be invaluable to those with responsibility for online marketing, eCommerce, eBusiness and content. Damien will be joined by Randall Snare on the webinar.

Time & Date: Thursday, 18 October 2012 – 11am to 12pm BST

Register for the webinar here.  The webinar will last 1 hour.