Antenna: Our first product (and it’s free)

By Irene Dehaene
Things we did today:
  1. Helped a local hero
  2. Launched our first product
  3. Notched up a world first in the process
iQ Content launch Antenna

(Not actual size)

This morning we launched the world’s first open-source mobile event listing platform, Antenna. Developed through iQ Labs, Antenna helps publishers and event organisers to manage, publish and mobilise their listings.

The idea for Antenna came about while we were helping Joerg Steegmueller mobilise his Dublin Event Guide for Free Events, which also launches today.


Joerg has been sending his Event Guide  email each week for the last five years. When we heard that every email takes 10 hours to compile, we knew there had to be a better solution.

Enter Antenna.

For publishers and organisers, Antenna provides a foolproof way to manage event listings and get those listings into people’s pockets. Plus, we’ve baked in social features to help publishers build their audiences further. For developers, configuration is quick and painless thanks to Antenna’s CakePHP-based framework.

We’re proud to release Antenna as an open-source tool: free now and forever for developers to use, improve and extend. We’re hopeful that the development community will take Antenna and run with it. It’s the first step into the world of products for iQ Content. And it’s exciting.

Get the code at the Antenna website here.

Antenna, open-source mobile event listing platform

The Dublin Event Guide app was developed on the Antenna platform and is available through your smartphone browser or as a native iPhone app. The Android version will be launched over the coming weeks. As big fans of Joerg’s weekly emails, we’re delighted to be helping him make the Dublin Event Guide even more useful and accessible.

Both projects came out of iQ Labs, our innovation space for new ideas and new ways of working.

Antenna will be launched today at 6.30pm in the Candle Bar, 35 South Great Georges Street, Dublin.