UX Masterclass | We’re going to Copenhagen!

By Randall Snare | 3 Comments

Great ideas, great location. The UXalliance and the SnitkerGroup are hosting a UX extravaganza in Copenhagen, Thursday and Friday, 31 March-1 April 2011.

Who’s speaking?

36 speakers, from Brazil to France to Russia, will talk about new UX methods and case studies. And three iQbers will be adding an Irish slant to the mix (OK, so really a Yankee/Irish slant).

Brian is presenting a talk called ‘Saying no to native apps’ as part of Friday’s masterclass.

And Ruairi and I are joining the design around the world track, with our case study, ‘Agile in Action: Our Design Process for Optimising Conversions.’

Meet us in Copenhagen

Join us. Registration is now open. Get early bird prices before February 7th.


3 responses to “UX Masterclass | We’re going to Copenhagen!

  1. I hope somebody’s also doing a masterclass on ‘saying no to web apps’, because I’d take any native app over any web app any day. Web apps are all about making life easier for the developers, rather than the users.

  2. I like the title of Brians talk – especially given that I was mailed by Dublin airport yesterday to say that they *nearly* have their Android app for showing the flight times ready.

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