After the EuroIA Conference in Copenhagen, back in the iQ trenches

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Brian and I went to EuroIA in Copenhagen to talk about how to engage users in design with little money and little time.

And now we are back, refreshed by Danish beer and good conversation. Our photographs from the conference are on Flickr, and our presentation is on Slideshare

My favorite sessions prompted new resolutions.

Resolution 1: Mind my gaps

yes we did

Scott Thomas’ keynote encouraged me to fill my professional gaps. So, I will be practising my coding, reading more about web traffic analysis, and learning about visual design over the next few months.

Resolution 2: Preach vision

the importance of vision

Jason Hobbs reminded me of how important it is for companies to have a vision to guide their design efforts.

Resolution 3: Create more concepts

EuroIA 2009

Jonathan Arnowitz made me realise how easy is to fall into the trap of creating just one design concept. I will follow his 5:3:1 strategy in my next project: 5 concepts, refined to 3 directions before arriving to 1 design solution.

Resolution 4: Speak slower

EuroIA 2009 - Cheap and Efficient Tools: How to Engage Users in IA Design When There is No Budget and There is No Time

Despite the wonderful feedback from the attendees to our session, all of them had one gripe– I spoke way too fast. So I’ll try to slow it down.

And now, back to prototyping until the next conference.

The photographs in resolutions 3 and 4 came from _Xin’s photostream


2 responses to “After the EuroIA Conference in Copenhagen, back in the iQ trenches

  1. Actually, I really enjoyed the rhythm of your presentation. It was a very convincing way to illustrate your point!

    Thanks for putting up your pictures of our diagrams on Flickr.

    Julia ( from Kahn + Associates )

  2. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for the nice comment!

    I’ve got the photo raw files. Send me an email if you want them.

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