Linking policies? Get with the program.

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Irish Cancer Society Linking Policy

While I’m in no doubt that these guys do excellent work, their linking policy perplexes me. My first impression when seeing it referenced on SEO expert, Richard Hearne’s blog was that is just a hangover from the early to mid nineties, when ridiculous and unenforceable link policies were “de rigeur”.

Then I remembered today’s date: 1st of April. Could the Irish Cancer Society be linkbaiting? The currency of the web is of course, links and perhaps this is part of a greater web strategy underway.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, and my second guess is that there’s far more important content on the website that gets the priority.

In fact, there’s evidence that the ICS is quite progressive in how they’re using the web in linking up with online fundraising website,

The point here is an obvious one: you can control the content on your website, not that on others. Once the message is out, you can’t control it. Hence the previous success of the miserable failure Googlebomb.

Writing for the web tip: adopt a more casual tone

Here’s my rewrite based on a couple of points I make when giving writing for the web training on adopting a more casual tone:

  • Be informal (or less formal)
  • Try to make it personal where possible, use “you” and “we”
  • Aim for more conversational style
  • Not as easy to do for all organisations, but the more formal, the less inviting
  • Don’t sound like a government department or company, sound like a person

With a more casual tone in mind, how would I rewrite the Irish Cancer Society linking policy?

Irish Cancer Society Linking Policy Rewrite

How you could link to us..

We’d love for you to link to our website.

As the official national charity for cancer care, we’d really appreciate if you could use the words, cancer, ireland or irish in the text of your link (“Irish Cancer Society”, for example).

However, if you can think of anything better, please feel free to use it.

Thanks a million.

If it’s links they want, perhaps it’s a more casual and less officious tone they need to adopt.

How would you rewrite it or would you even bother?

How would you rewrite their linking policy? Would you even bother having one? Is there even a place for linking policies nowadays?


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