Jumping the gun on Firefox 2.0

By Laurence Veale | 2 Comments

Firefox2.0 downloaded

Overly impatient and wanting to get a scoop on the rest of the blogosphere, this eager beaver visited getfirefox.com and managed to download Firefox 2.0

How? By guessing the URL!

I had a look at the URL for downloading the latest 1.5 version and simply modified the URL string to the following: product=firefox-2.0.
It’s a little like watching the New Year’s parties from around the world when there’s still eight hours to go before your own celebrations.

What’s new with Firefox 2.0?

Firefox2.0 spellchecker

Cleaner chrome interface and a nice built-in spellchecker are the latest additions. Also quite nice is the ability to integrate RSS feeds with your favourite online reader, something I don’t think was available in but am open to correction.

RSS integration in Firefox 2.0

But the highlight so far is speed. It seems so much quicker than the previous version, not to mention the latest pretender from Microsoft.

Enough of the talk, I’ll let you decide

Download Firefox 2.0 now!

Download Firefox 2.0 from mozilla.com


2 responses to “Jumping the gun on Firefox 2.0

  1. I actually did the same thing this morning. I really like the new features and there is so far, touch wood, no memory leakage.

    I use feedreader so it’s great to have it associate.

    My favorite feature though is the session saving. It’s amazing and VERY handy. Oh, and of course the spell check I used when writing this comment.

    Too bad there is no way to sync dictionaries between machines.

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